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Dark Arts Season

Film4's Dark Arts and BFI's GOTHIC join forces

This Halloween Film4 dabbles in the Dark Arts, a season of witchcraft, devil worship and demonic possession that casts a sinister spell from Tuesday 29th October to Sunday 2nd November. From black-magic blockbusters starring the likes of Nicolas Cage, Robert De Niro and Arnold Schwarzenegger to chilling occult offerings from directors including Lars von Trier, Roman Polanski and Ben Wheatley, Dark Arts brings you six nights of cinema that will steal your soul.

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But that’s only a fragment of the chilling story. The shadows lengthen as Film4 partners with the BFI to support their wide-ranging, long-running GOTHIC season, an extensive four-month survey of 'the dark heart of film' that began in earnest in October and will run through to January 2014. GOTHIC is split into four chapters – ‘Monstrous’; ‘The Dark Arts’; ‘Haunted’ and ‘Love Is the Devil’ – bringing together films both classic and contemporary, special events celebrating many aspects of the GOTHIC cinematic craft, fascinating panel discussions, and themed screenings (some site-specific) throughout the UK.

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Film4’s Dark Arts season crosses over with the BFI’s GOTHIC in a number of places – for instance, the haunting silent classic Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages, the bucolic, diabolic The Blood On Satan's Claw and Polanski’s Rosemary's Baby – but we’re also expanding the view with the likes of Alan Parker’s Angel Heart, the 70s cult classic Race With The Devil and Ridley Scott’s Legend, featuring one of the most memorable incarnations of the Devil ever committed to celluloid (courtesy of Tim Curry).

Our full line-up is below, while you can find out everything you need to know – but were afraid to ask - about the BFI’s GOTHIC activities at Don’t forget to follow us both on Twitter at @Film4 and @BFI (using the hashtag #bfigothic if you want to comment on the ongoing season) for news and updates; there may yet be more dark and devilish deeds to come on Film4 before BFI’s GOTHIC season is over!

Tuesday 29th October

  • Season Of The Witch

    9pm - Season Of The Witch

    Historical-fantasy-action romp starring Nicolas Cage

  • Film4 Angel Heart

    10.50pm - Angel Heart

    A private detective is hired to hunt down a jazz musician with ties to the occult. Horror thriller starring Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro, written and directed by Alan Parker

  • The Last Exorcism

    1.05am - The Last Exorcism

    The Reverend Cotton Marcus and a documentary team hope to expose exorcism for the con that it is in Daniel Stamm's found-footage horror

Wednesday 30th October

  • End of Days

    10.45pm - End Of Days

    Released just in time for the millennium, Schwarznegger's big comeback film sees him as the cop who has to prevent Satan from marrying a virginal teacher

  • Film4

    1.05am - Legend

    Ridley Scott's visually spectacular fantasy has a hot-panted Tom Cruise frolicking with pixies, elves and unicorns as he battles with the Prince of Darkness

Thursday 31st October

  • Antichrist

    11pm - Antichrist

    Maverick Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier tells a traumatic tale of mental and marital breakdown in the deep, dark woods. Controversial horror starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe

  • Film4

    1.10am - Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages

    Benjamin Christensen's pioneering 1922 semi-documentary account of 'witch madness'

Friday 1st November

  • Film4

    10.45pm - Race With The Devil

    Two holidaying couples disturb a ritual human sacrifice and must flee for their lives, pursued by the Satanists responsible. Starring Peter Fonda.

  • Kill List

    12.30am - Kill List

    Ben Wheatley's second feature, a Film4 production, is a darkly funny and thoroughly modern British horror

  • [REC]2

    2.20am - [REC]2

    Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza return to direct this nerve-shredding sequel to [REC] (and its quickie US remake Quarantine), further documenting the twists and turns of an unfolding demonic apocalypse

Saturday 2nd November

  • Film4 A Field In England by Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump, starring Michael Smiley

    11pm - A Field In England

    Kill List and Sightseers director Ben Wheatley returns with a civil war drama starring Reece Shearsmith

  • Film4 The Blood On Satan's Claw

    12.50am - The Blood On Satan's Claw

    In 17th century rural England, the devil is trying to create a body for himself using various bits of the local peasantry. British horror from the short-lived Tigon studio

Sunday 3rd November

  • Film4 Rosemary's Baby

    10.50pm - Rosemary's Baby

    Roman Polanski's horror classic is literally pregnant with paranoia.

  • Curse of the Demons aka Night Of The Demon, 1957

    1.30am - Night Of The Demon

    A sceptical scientist and a teacher face off against a formidable cult leader in Jacques Tourneur's classic horror-thriller starring Peggy Cummins and Dana Andrews

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