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  • Film4 Alicia Vikander

    Alicia Vikander on Ex_Machina

    Alicia Vikander talks to Catherine Bray about reuniting with Domhnall Gleeson, Alex Garlands 22-minute takes, and wearing latex during a heatwave

  • Film4 Alicia Vikander Ex_Machina

    Ex_Machina Interview Special

    Director Alex Garland and stars Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander discuss their psychological sci-fi thriller

  • Film4 Ex Machina Alex Garland

    Alex Garland on artificial intelligence

    The writer of The Beach, 28 Days Later, Sunshine and Dredd is back with his directorial debut, Ex_Machina, his smartest and most thrilling project to date. Catherine Bray talked to him about artificial intelligence

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  • Film4 Night Passage

    Night Passage

    James Stewart stars as a railroad man hired to secretly carry a payroll despite his suspected connections to outlaws

  • Film4 Raiders From Beneath The Sea

    Raiders From Beneath The Seas

    Scuba-divers plan a bank robbery on Catalina island, but not everything goes to plan when it comes to their underwater escape

  • Channel 4 Blog

    Gearing up for the Glasgow Film Festival 2015

    The Glasgow Film Festival programme is announced and features Film4-backed films Second Coming and Catch Me Daddy plus much, much more, from 18th February to 1st March It¿s almost time once more for

  • Channel 4 Blog

    Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance

    As Louise Osmond's inspirational documentary about an unlikely group of friends who breed themselves a racehorse is about to premiere at Sundance 2015, Catherine Bray catches up with the director for

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