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The British Connection 2012

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The British Connection

9th - 17th November 2012 on Film4

Our season of great British films showcases homegrown cinema old and new.

We'll be screening Dead Man's Shoes, Weekend, Kill List, Don't Look Now, Deep End, Shallow Grave, Submarine and many more.

The season kicks off at 9pm on Friday 9th November with Joe Cornish's London-based monster movie Attack The Block.

Friday 9th November

  • Film4 Attack The Block

    Attack The Block, 9pm

    Showing for the first time on Film4, writer-director Joe Cornish's Attack The Block pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters.

  • Dead Man's Shoes

    Dead Man's Shoes, 10.55pm

    Writer-director Shane Meadows' dark tale of violence and retribution, screening with an introduction from lead actor Paddy Considine.

Saturday 10th November

Film4 Shallow Grave
9pm Shallow Grave

The twisted debut thriller from Danny Boyle, starring Ewan MacGregor, Christopher Ecclestone and Kerry Fox, Shallow Grave is a gory treat laced with acid wit and gallows humour...

  • Curse of the Demons aka Night Of The Demon, 1957

    Night Of The Demon, 12.45am

    A sceptical scientist and a teacher face off against a formidable cult leader in Jacques Tourneur's classic horror-thriller starring Peggy Cummins and Dana Andrews

Sunday 11th November

Film4 Bank Job

The Bank Job, 9pm

Jason Statham and Saffron Burrows take us back to the London of 1971 for a fictionalised account of the unusual conspiracy behind one of the UK's biggest and most mysterious robberies.

  • Walter

    Walter, 11.10pm

    Ian McKellen stars as a neglected man with learning difficulties

Monday 12th November

Film4 Submarine

Submarine, 9pm

Richard Ayoade's brilliant directorial feature debut stars Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige as mismatched teenage lovers in Ayoade's adaptation of Joe Dunthorne's novel.

  • Alfie

    Alfie, 10.50pm

    Michael Caine is the cynical Cockney lecher in this iconic comedy

  • Film4 Huge

    Huge, 1.25am

    Ben Miller's comedy about the UK stand-up comedy circuit stars Noel Clarke

Tuesday 13th November

Wednesday 14th November

Film4 Once Upon A Time In The Midlands

Once Upon A Time In The Midlands, 9pm

A sweet-natured contemporary love-triangle comedy that pays homage to the westerns of Sergio Leone as rivals Rhys Ifans and Robert Carlyle go head-to-head over Shirley Henderson.

Thursday 15th November

  • Brassed Off

    Brassed Off, 9pm

    Ewan McGregor and Pete Poslethwaite star in this bittersweet British comedy

Friday 16th November

Saturday 17th November

  • Hush

    Hush, 9pm

    Abduction thriller from DJ turned director Mark Tonderai

  • Film4 Malcolm McDowell

    If... 1.10am

    A surreal take on the darker side of British public school life

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