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  • TBC
  • Drama, History
  • 2012
  • 57 mins

The Rochdale Pioneers

The Rochdale Pioneers


The story of how the 'Co-op' came to be, produced by members of the Co-operative British Youth Film Academy.


Set in 1844, The Rochdale Pioneers tells the story of a group of working-class people from Rochdale who band together to change the unfair society in which they live. Pooling their resources, they manage to get enough money together to open their shop, with a pledge to share profits fairly with their customers. Thus the ‘Co-op' was formed and history was made. The film stars much-loved British character actor John Henshaw (Looking For Eric, Early Doors) alongside Andrew London, Jordan Dawes, Rachel Caffrey and Jack Baldwin. It was directed by John Montegrande and Adam Lee Hamilton, backed by the Co-operative British Youth Film Academy, which helps young filmmakers to make their name in the industry.

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Cast & Connections

  • Actor: Jordan Dawes, Andrew London, John Henshaw, Rachel Caffrey, Jack Baldwin
  • Director: John Montegrande, Adam Lee Hamilton
  • Screen Writer: J S Papenbrock
  • Producer: Kevin Atkinson
  • Photographer: Tom F Sykes

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