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  • Production
  • 15
  • Biography, Drama
  • 2004
  • 126 mins

The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries


Gael García Bernal and Rodrigo De La Serna star in Walter Salles adaptation of Che Guevara's journals written while travelling in South America in 1952


The Motorcycle Diaries begins in Buenos Aires in 1952 as 29-year-old biochemist Alberto Granado (Rodrigo De La Serna) and asthma-stricken 23-year-old medical student Ernesto Guevara De La Serna (Gael Garcia Bernal) prepare to embark on a mammoth road trip through Latin America. The objective: girls, beer and self-discovery. The means: a 1939 Norton motorbike nicknamed, with some irony, 'The Mighty One'. "The method," says Ernesto, "improvisation." But by the time they reach Chile a new reality is emerging, far removed from the comparative luxury of middle-class Argentina. With the bike written off in an accident Ernesto and Alberto continue hitching until they enter the Atacama Desert. There they encounter a poverty-stricken, homeless couple, thrown off their land because they're communists. The film was directed by Walter Salles (Central Station, On The Road), written by Jose Rivera (Letters To Juliet, On The Road), and produced by Michael Nozik (Syriana), Edgard Tenenbaum (Late Marriage) and Karen Tenkhoff (People I Know).

Cast & Connections

  • Actor: Rodrigo De La Serna, Jorge Chiarella, Mercedes Morán, Gustavo Bueno, Gael García Bernal
  • Director: Walter Salles
  • Screen Writer: Jose Rivera
  • Writer (Book): Che Guevara, Alberto Granado
  • Producer: Edgard Tenenbaum, Michael Nozik, Karen Tenkhoff
  • Photographer: Eric Gautier
  • Composer: Gustavo Santaollala

In a nutshell

The Motorcycle Diaries premiered at Sundance in January 2004 ahead of its UK release on August 27th 2004. The film won an Oscar for Best Original Song and was also nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, while at the BAFTAs it won Best Music and Best Film not in the English Language awards, and recieved nominations for Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor (Gael Garcia Bernal), Best Supporting Actor (Rodrigo De La Serna) and Best Cinematography. It is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray now.

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