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  • 18
  • Comedy
  • 1981
  • 98 mins

Taxi to the Toilet

Taxi to the Toilet


Made exactly a decade before the East German film - Coming Out - about a gay teacher torn between duty, his profession and sexual identity, this raunchy movie shows how far the Western bloc of the country was (but, certainly, no longer is) ahead of its walled-up counterparts. This debut film stars its director as the promiscuous half of an ill-matched relationship. His partner is domesticated and prefers cooking to cruising, but that doesn't inhibit the teacher from doing the seedier clubs and public loos, only to lose his job as a result. Ripploh infers that an alternative lifestyle is just that.

Cast & Connections

  • Actor: Klaus Schnee, Peter Fahrni, Dieter Godde, Orpha Termin, Bernd Broaderup, Frank Ripploh
  • Director: Frank Ripploh
  • Writer: Frank Ripploh
  • Producer: Laurens Straub
  • Photographer: Horst Schier

In a nutshell

Made in 1980 it pre-dates AIDS awareness, and the humour has darkened with the years.

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