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Film4oD is closed


The Film4oD film store is now closed.

Why is the rental service closing?

We’re always reviewing the best use of our resources and on this occasion this means that we are unfortunately no longer able to offer Film4oD

Is the film rental service coming back?

This is currently under review and we’ll ensure film fans are kept up to date with the latest Film4 related news via

In the meantime, for the first time ever viewers can watch Film4 live on the move via our brand new digital service All 4.

When will the film rental service close?

The film rental service will close on the 8th July 2015.

When can I rent films to?

You must watch your films in full by Midnight on the 7th July 2015, when the film rental service will be closing.

Will I be able to get a refund if I have not watched/cannot watch the film in time?

At the time your purchased the film, we will/would have told you when you need to watch the film by, so we cannot offer a refund

I have stored my payment details, what will happen to these details?

Neither Channel 4 or Vubiquity store your credit card details. These are stored and handled by our payment providers, Netbanx, PayPal and PayWizard.Upon closure of Film4oD your payment history will be stored securely by these provider for up to 7 years. All our payment providers are fully PCI compliant.

To contact the relevant payment provider please visit the following sites:

Netbanx: or your debit/credit card provider

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