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  • Film4 Alan And Samir

    Watch: Alan And Samir

    A night out in London reveals hidden tensions two half-brothers in '71 director Yann Demange's short

  • Film4 Incomplete

    Watch: Incomplete

    Watch Incomplete, the student film made by '71 director Yann Demange

  • Film4 Broken Eternity

    Watch: Broken Eternity

    Devika Ponnambalam's Film4-backed short is a love story told across three time frames, weaving together childhood, present day and dream-past

  • Gee Gee

    Watch: Gee Gee

    Bafta-winning screenwriter Peter Straughan writes and directs a Film4-backed short starring David Morrissey

  • Film4 Believe

    Watch: Believe

    Watch For Those in Peril director Paul Wright's award-winning short, Believe

  • Film4

    Watch The Curse

    Watch Fyzal Boulifa's Bafta-nominated, Film4-backed short in full

  • Dr Easy

    Watch: Dr Easy

    A futuristic, Film4-backed short directed by visionary music video artists Shynola

  • Jonah

    Watch: Jonah

    A Film4-backed short directed by Kibwe Tavares and starring Daniel Kaluuya

  • Film4

    Watch: See Me

    Catherine Shepherd directs Peep Show's Olivia Colman

  • Kingsland: Bafta nominated Film4-backed short set in Dalston

    Watch: Kingsland

    Bafta-nominated short directed by Red Riding writer Tony Grisoni

  • Film4 New Love, Wonderland writer Laurence Coriats futuristic vision of relationships

    Watch: New Love

    Wonderland writer Laurence Coriats futuristic vision of relationships

  • A Scouting Book For Boys director Tom Harper Bafta nominated short Cubs

    Watch: Cubs

    A Scouting Book For Boys director Tom Harper Bafta nominated short

  • Husk


    A father and teenage daughter in South Africa, pushed to the brink of poverty and famine

Latest from Film4...

  • Film4


    Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars in director Amma Asante's period drama, which is based on the true story of Georgian Britain's first mixed-race aristocrat, Dido Belle.

    On Film4: 23 Jan 9:00PM

  • Film4

    The Battle At Apache Pass

    Action-packed western set in the epic landscape of Utah.

    On Film4: 24 Jan 2:50PM

  • Film4

    Yakuza Apocalypse on Film4

    Our Wild In The Streets season continues with Yakuza Apocalypse, playing for the first time on Film4.

  • Film4

    Belle on Film4

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars in Amma Asante's Belle, playing for the first time on Film4.

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    Innovation at Film4

    Film4 works with established and emerging talent, supporting them to tell unique stories and connect with audiences in new ways

  • Film4


    The first initiative from Film4's innovation hub

  • Film4 A Field In England by Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump, starring Michael Smiley

    A Field In England

    Kill List director Ben Wheatley returns with a civil war horror

  • Film4 Ken Loach's documentary about a pivotal year in British history

    My '45

    Discover The Spirit Of '45 with My '45

  • Film4 A Gun For George, Matthew Holness short film

    Film4 Short Films

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    Film4 celebrates 30 years of British filmmaking

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  • Coming up at 9pm, Mark Wahlberg stars in Peter Berg's powerful military drama Lone Survivor.

  • "The Death Battle Of The Dinosaurs!" At 2.45pm, Michael Rennie & Claude Rains star in Conan Doyle's The Lost World.

  • 80s classic alert! Up next at 1pm, we're showing Disney sci-fi adventure The Flight Of The Navigator.

  • RT @lennyukdeejay: Literally one of the greatest movies ever made, with a truly unique extra-terrestrial message. I adore this film to deat…

  • Morning! Our weekend starts at 11am with Robert Wise's sci-fi classic The Day The Earth Stood Still, starring Micha…