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We answer your frequently asked questions about For anything not covered here or on the main 4Viewers FAQs (which deal with viewer queries, transmission issues and complaints), feel free to get in touch on Twitter.


1. Can I watch films for free on

Generally, no. Licensing for film works differently to television, so unfortunately we can’t offer an online catch up service the way Channel 4 can on All 4 for most programming. We do play short films backed by Film4 on the site – click here to see the latest. Our digital innovation department at Film4 are looking at ways of making content available on new platforms, so do check our posts on the blog for the latest. Or click here to visit All 4 and watch TV programmes for free.

2. What is Film4oD? Can I watch films for free there?

Film4oD is our online film streaming and download service – click here to visit it. You can rent films to watch, but they aren’t free – they vary in price from around £2.50 for older releases to £3.99 for recent titles, many of which are not yet available on DVD. Film4oD is run for Film4 by our partners at FilmFlex – they will be happy to help with any issues – please refer to their Help section.

3. What about Channel 4 films, Film4 Productions and films you own – why don’t you make those available to watch for free online?

We rarely own a film entirely because we work with producers and other funding partners who are looking to recoup the cost of making the film from selling the right to view the film, either in the cinema or online. But don’t forget that of course the Film4 Channel allows you to watch these film for free on scheduled TV, whether we’re screening a Film4-backed film or not.

4. Help! I can’t find Film4 on my TV! Why are you no longer broadcasting?

Don’t panic - we assure you, we are definitely broadcasting. For all technical, transmission, licensing, viewer complaints or any other TV related queries, please visit Film4 Channel’s FAQs – you are currently viewing the page for Film4 online queries.

5. What is the Watchlist?

Your personal Watchlist is a list of films you’re interested in watching which you can build and save on You can then set alerts for as many of these films as you like, and we’ll send you an email if they are coming up on Film4. You can choose whether you receive the email on the week, day before or day we play the film.

6. Why aren’t you broadcasting in HD?

We are available in HD on Virgin and Sky and very much hope to be available on other services as soon as possible.

7. Are you ever going to show [x]?

Basically we schedule all the films we currently have the rights to show. If it’s a brilliant film and we haven’t shown it, we probably don’t have it under licence. It’s always useful to know via Twitter and blog comments what your favourites are. You can set an alert in your free-to-use Watchlist and we’ll send you an email when we show the film (you can choose to receive the email on the week/day before/day we play the film).

8. My favourite film was on in the middle of the night – why didn’t you show it earlier?

We will usually schedule a first play of a film in the most mainstream slot that we are able to play it in. Repeats are often scheduled later in the day. Some films will never be suitable to play immediately after 9pm, due to Ofcom guidelines stating clearly that the strongest sex/violence/language/drug use and so on cannot appear immediately after the watershed when younger viewers are still likely to be watching. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed, where we generally let you know in plenty of time if we have a first play of a film coming up. Or add films you’re keen to see to your Watchlist, set an alert, and we’ll email you when it’s on.

9. I forgot [y] was on – will you be repeating it?

We might be able to tell you on Twitter if it’s coming up soon, but better yet, why not set an alert using our free Watchlist service? If you add a film to your Watchlist, you can set an alert so that you’ll be sent an email when the film next plays on Film4 – and you can choose whether to receive the email on the week/day before we play the film.

10. Is there a listings app for Film4?

At present we don’t have a listings app, though our listings should be fully compatible with most phones. We do have a Film4 iPad app showcasing information about Film4 Productions over the years.

11. Why do you show adverts in the middle of the films?

Channel 4 supports itself solely via advertising, programme sponsorship and commercial revenue, which enables the channel to be seen as widely as possible. Knowing that our audience cares about film, we are sensitive about where we place our advert breaks.


12. I am a director/producer/writer/actor/DOP. Can I make a film with you please?

Maybe. Most of our talent are not first-timers, though – they have usually made music videos, commercials, short films or television programmes and got themselves noticed that way. They will generally have an agent or work with a production company which is known to us. For more on this, click here.

For technical positions or acting roles, we don’t recruit directly or hold casting calls anyway – the production companies we work with, which you will have seen in the credits of our films, are responsible for casting roles and appointing crew. Your agent should be able to put you forward for work with these companies.

13. Can I do work experience at Film4 or

Film4 Productions runs a limited number of paid internships and graduate schemes, which are announced on Channel 4’s 4Talent networks. is run on behalf of Film4 by independent production company Maverick TV. You can find details of how to apply for work experience at Maverick TV on Maverick’s website, but they cannot guarantee which department you would be placed in. Placements at Maverick are generally for three months and due to changes in employment law, must be completed as part of a recognised degree course.

14. Can you give me advice on getting into film-making or the media?

Channel 4’s 4Talent networks are dedicated to helping demystify media careers and help bright and talented people get their foot in the door – check out the 4Talent site for more.

15. Can you tweet a link to my work?

In order to do this fairly, we would have to tweet everything we are sent, which would turn our Twitter feed into nothing but a list of links to people’s short films - and that’s not what people follow us for. Or we could just tweet links to the very best of what we’re sent, but again, that would require our small website staff to spend their whole day watching unsolicited material from users – which we can’t do, we have a website to run, sorry! We do retweet recommendations from users of films to watch on Film4, some of which include a link to a user’s own blog, because this is much more in keeping with the TV recommendations that form the majority of our twitter feed.


16. Where can I find your competitions?

For all Film4 competitions and links to other Channel 4 competitions, games, gameshows and quizzes, click here.

17. I want to play a film quiz! Do you have any on the site?

We don’t have a film quiz on at the moment, but might in future. In the meantime, the 30 question ultra film buff Story Of Film quiz commissioned by More4 to support Mark Cousins’ The Story Of Film: An Odyssey is available to play if you click here.

18. I’m looking for a quiz or competition sponsored by Stella Artois – where can I find that?

You can find the Stella Artois film quiz by clicking here – good luck!

19. Do you run competitions on

Sometimes, mostly relating to Film4-backed releases - you can win prizes including things like DVDs, Blu-rays or premiere tickets. Click here to view the latest competitions and prizes.

20. Do you have the answers available for a quiz that ran on More4 or Channel 4 available on

Afraid not – check the relevant Channel 4 website.

21. I entered a competition. Can you tell me who the winners were?

For a list of winners, write to Competition Prize Winners, Channel 4, 124 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2TX after the closing date, naming the specific competition and including a self-addressed stamped envelope.

22. I’d like to check some competition terms and conditions. Where can I do that?

Here on Channel 4’s terms and conditions page.

23. I would like to run a competition on – who do I contact?

Firstly, please be aware we run a very limited number of competitions on Film4. Generally, there is a Film4-backed film angle – for example, tickets to the new Danny Boyle premiere or a Shane Meadows box-set plus Blu-ray player. The higher the monetary value of the prize, the greater the likelihood that we would run it – a high definition television plus DVDs would be far likelier than a signed poster or tickets to a short film premiere. We cannot give away prizes on Twitter or other social networks due to Ofcom rules governing competitions run by broadcasters. Contact the Film4 site editor to set up a competition.


24. I would like to advertise on – who should I contact?

Our sales stats and contacts can all be found over here.

25. I would like to sponsor editorial on – who should I contact?

You can find information about sponsoring editorial on by clicking here.

26. I would like to sponsor content on Film4 channel – who should I contact?

You can find information about sponsoring content on Film4 by clicking here.

27. Are your sponsorship promo videos available to watch online?

At present, the sponsorship promos which play or have played around Film4 programming (for example, the McCain’s Wedges idents at 9pm) are not available to view on, but on air only.

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