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Ender's Game


Sci-fi adventure starring Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford. Teenage gamers are recruited to train as potential military commanders in a war against an aggressive alien race.

  • 12A
  • 2013
  • 135mins [R][S]

Die Hard


Action thriller. New York cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) aims to free hostages (including his wife) held in a skyscraper by an arch villain (Alan Rickman). Violence/strong language.

  • 18
  • 1988
  • 160mins [R][S]

The Others


Period horror. Nicole Kidman plays a widow trapped in mansion in the 1940s. Who are the strangers her two children claim to have seen and are the mysterious servants hiding a secret?

  • 12
  • 2001
  • 125mins [R][S]

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    Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

    Gloriously messy family caper from Joe Johnston

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  • Film4 Millions


    Sweet comedy from Danny Boyle about two boys who accidentally become rich

    On Film4: 25 Jul 11:00AM

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