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Editor's picks

  • You, The Living

    You, The Living

    Roy Andersson's surreal, comedic meditation on humankind's everyday quest for happiness

    On Film4: 21 Oct 1:45AM

  • Film4 Singin' In The Rain

    Singin' In The Rain

    Classic Hollywood musical starring Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds

    On Film4: 21 Oct 2:45PM

  • Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter And... Spring

    Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

    And... Spring. Kim Ki-Duk's acclaimed South Korean drama.

    On Film4: 23 Oct 1:45AM

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  • @EmmaMcCaughern Sure thing. Are you around for The Tree Of Life on Thursday? We're also screening Beasts Of The Southern Wild next Weds.

  • Coming up at 11.55pm, Nathan Fillion is a small-town cop up against alien parasites in James Gunn's gory horror-comedy Slither.

  • @EmmaMcCaughern ...we can email you a reminder next time it's on, if that helps?

  • @EmmaMcCaughern Hello! I'm afraid we've screened it in earlier slots before + repeats tend to be later, but if you add it to a watchlist...

  • World cinema fans! Our late-night highlight at 1.45am is Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson's philosophical comedy-drama You, The Living.