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  • Room 237

    Room 237

    Documentary digging into obsessive fan theories regarding The Shining

  • It's A Wonderful Life

    It's A Wonderful Life

    Jimmy Stewart stars in Frank Capra's classic Christmas cracker

    On Film4: 23 Nov 2:50PM

  • Film4 Anton Corbijn Inside Out

    Anton Corbijn Inside Out

    Documentary portrait of the prolific filmmaker and photographer

    On Film4: 25 Nov 1:40AM

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  • @taschaiscool You're not alone. 👍

  • If you're digging Room 237's score, it's by @kingahab & William Hutson, w/ @bearmccreary on the Clavinet. Info here:

  • Ahoy, night owls! Up next at 12.25am, Room 237, a documentary looking at the weird & wonderful meanings fans have attributed to The Shining.

  • @87newman I'm afraid not, sorry. But if you add the film to a watchlist we can remind you when it's next on:

  • RT @AdamRutherford: One of my 2013 top 10 films, @Rodney_Ascher's Room 237 on @Film4 at 1225. I stayed here in the US. No bear, no witch. h…