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Editor's picks

  • Bugsy Malone

    Bugsy Malone

    Alan Parker's 1976 underage gangster musical starring Jodie Foster

    On Film4: 2 May 11:00AM

  • True Grit

    True Grit

    Oscar-winning western starring John Wayne

  • Film4 Babette's Feast

    Babette's Feast

    Gabriel Axel's Oscar-winning Danish drama

    On Film4: 30 Apr 11:00AM

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  • "Our lives are defined by opportunities; even the ones we miss." At 5.45pm, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

  • Coming up next at 3.05pm, John Wayne gives an Oscar-winning performance in classic 60s western True Grit.

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  • "Some gang! An Indian ranch hand, a drunken gunfighter, a sex maniac, and an uncle!" At 11am, Jane Fonda & Lee Marvin star in Cat Ballou.